• Coiffure Carnival

              A Permanent Wave of Hair

            • Cinéaste(s) : Muriel MAGENTA
            • Date : 1990
            • Pays d'origine :
            • Durée : 00:10:26
            • Format : Umatic
            • Coloration : Couleur
            • Son : Sonore
            • Langue initiale : Anglais
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            • Résumé
            • "Coiffure Carnival" parodie notre désir collectif d'atteindre la beauté idéale, à l'aide des rituels politiques, sociologiques et historiques de la culture populaire. On croisera une Lady Godiva moderne, un Louis XIV très animé, des rockers et des actrices de cinéma.
              "Coiffure Carnival" parodies our collective desire to achieve ideal beauty through political sociological, and historic rituals in popular culture. We will meet there a modern Lady Godiva, a very cheerful Louis XIV, rock singers and movie actresses.
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            • Biographie cinéaste
            • Muriel MAGENTA

              Muriel Magenta is a "new genre" artist working in computer imaging, video and sculpture. In her current work she explores the interface between various electronic media, while continuing her investigation of the installation format as a means of interrelating electronic images with free standing objects. Her larger objective is to create a visual experience in an actual space, and then transmit it over electronic networks into virtual environments. In Token City, a 1997-1999 work, she is pursuing this approach to creative research.
              In 1991 Magenta joined the staff of the Institute for Studies in the Arts, a unit in the College of Fine Arts at Arizona State University which focuses on creative research in the area of art and technology. In addition, she is a professor of Art at ASU, teaching graduate and undergraduate studio courses involving new media concepts.
              Solo exhibitions of her installations have been presented at: LACE, Los Angeles; University of Southern California; Kansas City Art Institute; Gallery 10, Washington DC; Scottsdale Center for Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona; Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia; and City Bank (57th and Park Avenue), New York. Magenta's video works have been screened throughout North America and Europe.
              Magenta received her art training at Queens College, New York City; John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; and Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. She is a native of New York City.
              (source ASUARTMUSEUM)

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